Happy New Year!

Hey everybody! First of all, Happy New Year to you and yours! We hope you’re all having a pleasant and fairly decent winter season. We here at the Bock household aren’t so crazy about the cold weather, but nevertheless we soldier on. We are however so excited to let you all know that we’ve finally put our music up on Spotify! Now you can actually stream our music and add it to your playlists! This will also be an easier way for us to get our NEW MUSIC to you a lot faster (which will be happening really soon). So if you want to show us some love you can spread the word or even follow us on your Spotify apps here: The Locksmiths

Next, we’re also super-pumped to be given the opportunity to have some of our songs pressed directly-to-vinyl for YOU! In February, The Locksmiths will be visiting Leesta Vall Sound Recordings to record a song of YOUR CHOICE! Each recording becomes almost like an “audio polaroid” where each take is cut directly onto a 7” vinyl record. Our latest single, “Old Guitar” will be one of the featured songs (along with others from our catalog) that you can choose from. You can order your own copy here: The Locksmiths at Leesta Vall

So there you have it. You can now access our songs via the digital highway or pressed directly for you! In the meantime, we’re gonna go get some blankets and try to maintain some tolerable levels of warmth throughout January.

See you,

Robert & Krissy & Anna

Robert Bock